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Rubbing Away Embarressing Lumps

Even if a woman has not experienced them, she knows what they are, cellulite lumps. Those embarrassing lumps of fat that plague many women usually around their mid section. Cellulite is a spongy, wrinkled, flabby area of the skin that simply will not go away. No amount of exercise can tighten and firm the loose skin. Previously women had to result to surgical methods to eliminate cellulite, but now there are several creams that promise to rub away this embarrassing problem.

Rubbing Away Cellulite:

1For many women, simply rubbing away their cellulite sounds too good to be true, and it is. What many women do not realize is that these miracle creams do not permanently erase stretch marks with best cellulite cream and pockets of cellulite, instead these creams work to mask the cellulite making the problem areas less noticeable. There are many different cellulite creams on the market, but the majority of them contain these three ingredients, caffeine, Retinol, and the antioxidant made from fish DMAE. All three of these help to hid the signs of cellulite and tighten loose skin.

Cellulite is formed by fat cells which form small pockets in the body, instead of being evenly placed throughout. The cellulite creams help to reduce the appearance of the cellulite in several ways. Caffeine, one of the key ingredients in the creams, helps to reduce fluid retention. Rubbing the cream into the affected area helps to drain any excess fluids which can help to minimize the appearance of cellulite.

Retinol has long been used in prescription acne medications to help treat acne, and is now commonly being used in many cellulite creams. Retinol A helps to build a thick layer of skin over the areas that it is applied. With the thicker layer of skin, the cellulite is less noticeable and some of the loose skin may appear to tighten.

The natural fish antioxidant DMAE is reported to stimulate muscle contractions which help to tighten and firm loose, sagging skin. The tighter skin helps to reduce the appearance of the cellulite lumps.

Do The Creams Work?

There is no scientific research stating that the top rated cellulite creams miraculously make cellulite disappear, but these creams do help to minimize and mask the appearance of cellulite. Those lumpy pockets of embarrassing fat cells can be helped with the cellulite creams. The caffeine and Rentinol helps to hid and reduce swelling and lumps, while the continuous rubbing motion may help to break up the clusters of fat cells.

Unfortunately there is no cure for cellulite, but there is help. With cellulite creams women can help to tone and moisturize the embarrassing areas of their bodies, while improving their appearance an improving their levels of confidence.